Working with the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) and Deborah Fleming AO, the former Executive Producer of ABC TV's Australian Story, I’ll be co-hosting video storytelling workshops over October/November 2017 for news producers around Australia. (Confession: I’m looking forward to this immensely - exploring and dissecting what makes a great story is, to me, one of the core pleasures in life. Yes, story tragic.)

For two decades, the award-winning Australian Story has been one of Australia's top-rating programs. Back in 1995 - an eternity ago - I helped devise the program along with Deb Fleming and a talented team, and Deb went on to helm the show for 19 years through season after successful season. It’s won countless prizes and nominations and is still going strong.

These one-day workshops will draw on our long experience and highlight the essential ingredients of a well-told video story, employing techniques from classic cinema, drama and literature along with examples from contemporary media. (Everything from Scorsese to Kundera to French TV ads...)

Storytelling transcends technology, going back to the beginnings of human communication, but I'm fascinated by how we can use the power of many platforms and outlets - TV, radio, social media - to reach new audiences in new ways. In that sense, I see storytelling not as displaced or diminished but confirming its absolute role in whatever cultures we live and work in.  Our lives are stories - we live and breathe our stories - and, without stories, who are we?  

I’ll be posting reports from these ABC workshops on the blog…