Tony Maniaty

Shooting Balibo

Tony Maniaty at Lowy Institute for International Policy

Tony Maniaty addressed the Lowy Institute for International Policy in Sydney on 26 August 2009 on 'Television and War: The Legacy of Balibo'. Difficult and dangerous work, covering wars has become a core component of modern conflict - from Vietnam to Iraq, TV coverage has impacted strongly on public support for wars and strategic policy.

But it's also met barriers: from embedding and censorship to the deliberate targeting, kidnapping and cold-blooded murder of journalists. Tony Maniaty referred to the more than 1,000 media workers who've died on the job worldwide in the past decade, outlined strategies for reducing the toll, and called on governments to use every means at their disposal to investgate and prosecute those who kill journalists attempting to seek out the truth.

Listen to Tony's introductory remarks here and the full address here.

Wondrously atmospheric, beautifully written...
Hugh Lunn, Vietnam: A Reporter’s War

Shooting Balibo by Tony Maniaty


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